Todoaceros finished in 2020 its first financial year with its new ecological pickling system, a sector pioneer in Spain, set up during the last year at the Aranda´s plant. The new system, with the north American Redbud group´s technology, and with about a four million euros of investment, improves the environmental footprint throughout the steel pickling process carried out by Todoaceros. In addition to ecological benefits, the new system will allow the company to get at new markets in fields such as naval, eolic, or the heavy machinery. The Burgos Newspaper, echoed the incorporation of the new system in Todoaceros, and stood out that NSR group plants in Aranda de Duero, Todoaceros and Aranda Coated, received both, most of the raw material used in 2020 by rail, which also contributed to improve the environmental footprint of its industrial processes significantly


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